Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Roasted Summer Medley

1  - cup cauliflower florets
1 - sm. Bag baby carrots
6 - sm. Red potatoes  quartered
2 - Vidalia onions quartered
1 - cup broccoli florets
1 - yellow summer squash  sliced
1 - sm. Zucchini sliced.
 1/3 cup Olive oil
Parmesan cheese
 ½ teaspoon Salt
 ½ teaspoon Pepper
Parchment paper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
 Place parchment paper onto a large baking sheet, if have you  smaller baking sheets you can use 2 of them.

In a bowl put in the veggies, add salt and the pepper  and the olive oil and toss them to coat  the veggies then pour onto the baking sheet, make sure to spread them out and put into oven and bake about 20  min. take out and sprinkle with parmesan and place back into the oven for about 10 min. or until  veggies start to get golden brown. Use a fork to make sure potatoes are tender.   When  done place the veggies on a platter and serve.