Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kitchen Organization

You ever have  one of those  base cabinets in your kitchen that is real deep and  you  have to get on your hands  and  knees and almost crawl in  to find the  right pan?  That was me, I dislike this cabinet very much and  it  did not work for me.   Im sure my husband got  tired of hearing me  complain about it. 

Anyway, I have this hallway between my  kitchen and dining room with a very high  ceiling that  I just  kept  looking and thinking  what a waste of  space, so I went on the hunt for ideas.  I saw these very nice looking shelves at Ikea posted on Pinterest, so I saved them to show my husband, he also liked the look and he knows  when I am on a mission to watch out . So to Ikea  we went.  Ikea has so much to  chose from as  far  kitchen shelving and organizational  items, the possibilities are endless.

I chose the  IKEA's Grundtal shelving system, very simple to  install.  I  only spent $65.00  for the 2 shelves and hooks and it looks awesome and I am so pleased and very happy with my choice.   Now I have a couple more problem areas that I believe Ikea  can help with, so I will be back soon.           Ikea