Monday, June 25, 2012

The Spice Agent

Recently on a trip to Branson and browsing  the shops of Historic Downtown Branson, Mo. My daughter and I stumbled upon a shop called the spice agent, I was needing a Middle Eastern spice called Sumac and I thought no they probably  dont have such a item, but decided to go in anyway, wow was I ever wrong the Owner Chris has a whole line of Middle Eastern spices  and tons of other  unique hard to find spices.

                 Owner of the Spice Agent Chris Poulos                                                                                                                                                                                                       
           The Spice Agent delivers fresh spices, specialty blends, dried goods, gourmet salts, and more. Check out our page for great cooking tips and ideas!
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The Spice Agent offers goods for sale at its retail location in Historic Downtown Branson, MO and online. The goal: offer the freshest collection by buying spices in whole form and grinding on site. It is our mission to help cooks understand the importance of keeping spices stored properly and maintaining a fresh collection in the kitchen. Fresh spice makes all the difference!

These are a few of the spices  I picked up. The Sumac and  the Baharat are some of the most fragrant  you will find. I bought the powdered Horseradish because I had never  tried the powdered before, I mixed a couple of tablespoons of mayo and a pinch of the Horseradish, mixed and put on a Roast Beef sandwch , yum! The flavor was mild and  I didnt miss the heat Im used to  from most Horseradish.   The Hickory powder, I used a pinch of it  in a pot of chili, the best Chili I have ever ate. It reminded me of when you go camping  and the food has a  slight smoky flavor and is always delish.