Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Asparagus Spaghetti

1   pound box cut  spaghetti
½  pound thick sliced Apple wood bacon diced
1   bunch Asparagus cut  into 2 in. pieces
1   cup shredded Pecorino Romano  cheese
6   lg. basil leaves chiffonade
½ teaspoon sugar
Olive oil 

Cut off  2 in. of the bottom  of the asparagus and discard. Cut the asparagus into 2  in. pieces.  Using a small Skillet,  add asparagus, drizzle with oil and sprinkle with sugar and saute till starting to get a  caramelized color, take  of heat  and place and place on a paper towel.

Fry the diced  bacon  untill it  is lightly brown , not crispy , remove  from heat  and place of a paper towel .

Chiffonade the basil , Stack about 6 leaves, roll up like a cigar and begin slicing the roll perpendicularly, creating fine, thin strips

Shred the cheese

Cook pasta according to the box.  And drain

Place pasta in a serving bowl and  add the basil , bacon and the asparagus and 3/4  of the cheese and   drizzle with olive oil  and toss, and top with remaining cheese. Add more olive oil if you like and serve