Thursday, April 24, 2014

Greek Vegetarian Sandwich

     This sandwich is so flavorful, you will never miss the  meat!

French Bread
1/2  of a  English cucumber thinly  sliced
1/2 of   med. sized Red onion  thinly sliced
3  Roma Tomatoes thinly sliced
Kalamata Pitted Olives
Mild Bananna Peppers
Feta cheese crumbles
Olive Oil
Cavender`s Greek All  Purpose Seasoning
Salt and  Pepper
                                               Cavender`s Greek All Purpose Seasoning

Cut the French  loaf horizontally, creating a top and a bottom half, place in the oven  at 350* to light   toast abt. 10 min..

    On the bottom half of the  bread place the thinly  sliced cucumbers  to cover the  bread, drizzle with Olive  oil and  sprinkle  with  Cavender`s Greek All Purpose Seasoning.
  Next place the  sliced Tomatoes on the cucumbers and lightly salt and pepper, add the Bananna Peppers, then  the Red Onion  slices, and  now the  Kalamata Olives, you can place the olives in the onion slices to help hold them on the  sandwich as you are making it and add your Feta cheese crumbles, finally  sprinkle a  bit little more of the Greek Seasoning and  drizzle a  little more Olive  oil, put the top on the sandwich and  slightly  press it  down and cut  into  thirds and serve.

* Note
Cavender`s Greek All Purpose Greek Seasoning can be found at most groceries.  If not it can  be ordered from their website.   Cavender`s in  made in the Ozark  Mountains in  NW Arkansas

Cavender`s All Purpose Greek Seasoning